With a legacy of craftsmanship, we continue to pave the way for a brighter futurerooted in the values and principles that have made us who we are today

Celebrating Our Rich Heritage


Paolo, wanting something different from his dad's construction work, decided to start his own thing. He opened a small workshop in Nettuno (Rome), and teamed up with a few talented local craftsmen. That's how our story began.

Before the Big Leap

In the '70s, in a market filled with standard solutions, our commitment to customization and flexibility distinguished us. Our early work, delivering bespoke furniture, windows, and doors throughout Italy, set the stage for our evolution, emphasizing the importance of tailored solutions from the very beginning.

Growing Bigger

From that small start, we quickly grew. Paolo Bolici set up our first big workshop in Anzio, covering 20,000 square meters. It had everything: a metal shop, aluminum works, and a joinery. We began focusing on high-end homes, bringing Paolo's vision of beauty and quality to life in every project.

Mid 80's
Partnership with Olivetti Synthesis

In the 1980s, Bolici became a key global partner with Olivetti Synthesis, known for its innovative office design solutions. Together, we embarked on numerous significant projects, combining Olivetti's focus on ergonomic and modern office furnishings with our expertise in manufacturing and turnkey contracting, showcasing a shared commitment to excellence and innovation in workspace enhancement.

Bolici's Global Expansion: From Rome to the World

Bolici embarked on its international journey by opening monobrand shops in iconic cities, beginning with Rome's Piazza Navona, followed by Athens and Paris. The expansion continued across the Atlantic with the establishment of an office in Miami and the incorporation of Bolici Inc in the USA, marking significant milestones in our global outreach.

Navigating New Horizons: Bolici's Shift to Cruise Industry Mastery

In the '90s, facing Italy's real estate crisis, Bolici looked beyond traditional markets to find a lifeline. The cruise ship industry presented a new horizon, and we seized it. By investing in cutting-edge technology and expanding our expertise, we not only survived but also opened the door to unprecedented opportunities.

1992: Launch of Bolici's Theme Park Division 

In 1992, Bolici embarked on a magical journey by opening its Theme Park Division, beginning a longstanding collaboration with Eurodisney. This partnership kicked off with the park's inception, setting the stage for Bolici's involvement in various projects over the ensuing decades.

Growing Bigger - New Manufacturing Site in Aprilia and Establishment of Bolici Holding.

In 1993, Bolici took on a landmark project as the main interior contractor for the prestigious headquarters of Monte dei Paschi di Siena, the world's oldest bank. Our work, especially the innovative engineering of the aluminum facade, earned us the italian architecture award for best engineering solution, marking this project as one of the most distinguished of its time.

Growing Bigger - New Manufacturing Site in Aprilia and Establishment of Bolici Holding.
In a strategic move that expanded our horizons, Bolici acquired a new manufacturing site from TRAU Sud, one of Europe's leading office furniture builders. This transition marked a period of remarkable growth for Bolici, beginning with the successful outfitting of over 1,000 post office branches across central and southern Italy and extending our services to major banks, solidifying our presence in the sector.
1999: Bolici's Expansion to Italy's Largest Interior Manufacturer

As Bolici's journey progressed, the demand for an expanded production capability became clear. In 1999, the company undertook its most significant expansion yet, acquiring a sprawling 244,000 sqm property in Puglia, with 95,000 sqm dedicated to manufacturing. This strategic move not only amplified our production capacity but also our talent pool, growing our internal workforce to over 500 employees. This expansion positioned Bolici as the largest manufacturer of interiors in Italy, marking a new era of growth and innovation.

Growth: Bolici's New Yacht Division

In 1999, Bolici embraced a new venture with the launch of our Yacht Division, marking a thrilling chapter in our history. Driven by a love for challenges, we began at the pinnacle, partnering with the esteemed Riva Yachts. This collaboration set the stage for decades of excellence, during which we've proudly worked alongside Italy's premier yacht brands, delivering hundreds of units that epitomize luxury and craftsmanship at

Bolici Holding: Diversifying into New Horizons
Bolici Holding has broadened its investment horizon, venturing into renewable energy by backing major global innovators, and marking a significant milestone in maritime engineering with the establishment of Bolici Yachts Shipyard, where we crafted Italy's first carbon fiber yacht. Our expansion didn't stop at the seas; we've also ventured into marinas and hospitality projects, continuing our tradition of excellence and innovation across sectors like hospitality opening new Joint Ventures in Oman, Montenegro.
Resilience and Growth: Bolici's Thriving Refurbishment Era
Despite the challenges of a global crisis, Bolici has continued to flourish, largely due to a surge in refurbishment projects. Now a key player within a consortium of companies, we lead major turnkey refitting endeavors, such as the transformation of public spaces on renowned vessels like the Costa Neoromantica and starting a new cooperation with STX France on new build as the NCL Epic, MSC Preziosa, and MSC Divina, among others. 
2012: A Pivotal Year of Transformation for Bolici

The year 2012 marked a significant turning point for Bolici, initiating a major restructuring phase within the group. Despite experiencing growth, the necessity for organizational change arose from the challenging banking climate in Italy. This period of transformation paved the way for Bolici to evolve into a more global entity, adapting and strengthening its foundation for the future.

Middle Eastern Expansion: Bolici's Luxurious Endeavors

Bolici's expansion in the Middle East encompasses a broad spectrum of high-end residential projects. While venturing into luxurious living spaces, we continue to uphold our legacy in the corporate world, serving historical clients like European Space Agency, Yachts and Shipbuilders.

city buildings during night time
Expanding Horizons.

Bolici's journey into the Middle East, marked by prestigious projects for Royal family and UHNI. With Mario Bolici at the helm, the group intensified its Middle Eastern expansion by establishing a new company in Abu Dhabi, focusing specifically on luxury mansions. This strategic move aimed to deepen Bolici's footprint in the region, leveraging years of experience and a strong network to cater to the upscale market.


Bolici Launches Interni Turnkey Projects Contracting for Global Endeavors from Dubai
In 2021, Bolici expanded its global reach by establishing Interni, known as Bolici International, to manage all international projects from Dubai, marking a strategic move to centralize our global operations.

Burj Al Arab

Bolici 2021: Legacy Meets Innovation in a Global Journey
In 2021, Bolici stands as a beacon of modernity and agility, positioned at the vanguard alongside most prestigious interior contractor. With a dedicated team exceeding 1,600 professionals and a wide network of partners we offer comprehensive services encompassing architecture, interior design, landscaping, lighting, and complete interior manufacturing and installation. Bolici has evolved into a true turnkey design and build contracting powerhouse, with expertise spanning marine, residential, and hospitality sectors. Globally acknowledged for our exceptional deliveries, we remain committed to learning and growing in our quest for excellence