Expertly Commanding Maritime Interior Turnkey Projects with the Experience of a Master Mariner & the Vision of a Pioneering Navigator

Our team effortlessly tackles complex logistical challenges, executing advanced projects with unmatched precision. With unrivaled organization and unwavering commitment, we deliver remarkable results, surpassing tight deadlines and meeting the highest expectations.

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Bolici is the Pinnacle of Cruise Ship & Passenger Vessels Interior Turnkey Solutions, Recognized Globally as the Most Experienced Company in Delivering Turnkey Areas  for both Shipyards and Cruise Owners

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Bolici Delivers Turnkey Interior Solutions for Cruise and Passenger Ship Construction and Refurbishment Industry.

We cooperate with ship owners and shipyards worldwide. Our solutions are made for the entire lifecycle of the ship. We handle design, procurement, technical expertise, material knowledge, industry regulations, production, and installation. 

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