Our mission is to capture the essence of luxury, refinement, and elegance in every detail. 

A yacht is a symbol of sophistication and luxury. Customers who demand perfection in every detail expect the very best from the craftsmen who build these vessels. We are obsessed with quality and detail. We only use the finest materials, and the most skilled artisans to create an exquisite interiors that has been carefully crafted to perfection.

The whole process is managed from the contractual agreement  to the final delivery

Bolici provides solutions for the entire lifecycle of the ship. We control every stage of the project, starting with basic planning, including steel structures, insulation, heating, plumbing, ventilation, electrical installation, stainless steel furniture and equipment for bars and galleys.

Control of every stage of the  project

Having a fully integrated architectural and engineering team working together under one roof is the best of both worlds. It eliminates communication problems between designers and contractors. Integrated approaches allow for “best field practices” to be incorporated into the design, making the process more efficient over time. The partnership created between project owners and our professionals establishes a foundation for the successful, quick, safe and efficient execution of projects.

Some of our unique yachts

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