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Bolici, furniture collections & Fit Out works of one of the worldwide leading italian furniture and fit out company
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Interiors from start to finish

Bolici will manage your project from conceptual design through all the phases of the work. We are fully integrated in order to manage the whole cycle inhouse

Bolici has a long history of successfully using the design-build delivery method for our clients in the cruise liners, residential, hospitality, offices and commercial sectors. Our selected staff understands the duties and responsibilities required to successfully implement all design, engineering, procurement, manufacturing, safety, quality, administra- tion, technical inspections and management portions of the projects.

Having a fully integrated architectural and engineering team working together under one roof is the best of both worlds.
It eliminates communication problems between designers and contractors. Integrated approaches allow for “best field practices” to be incorporated into the design, making the process more efficient over time.

Other benefits include single source responsibility, faster project completion, early known cost, open book team approach, enhanced quality and lower overall project cost. The partnership created between project owners and our professionals establishes a foundation for the successful, quick, safe and efficient execution of projects. By carefully defining the end-product, needs and expectations early in the process, we set shared goals, forming a cohesive bond that is maintained throughout the project.
Let us make your next project successful!